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Fusion 360 to AR

We all have a moment that we can think back to when Augmented Reality blew our minds, whether it be from movies, books, or games. I have always dreamed of a time when I could create something digitally and be able to interact with it in the real world. Though we have been able to …

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5 Steps To Save A Revit Family Out Of A Project

Have you ever seen a family in a Revit project which you would love to use yourself? Or maybe you have lost the original family file and want to recover it from a project you have used it in? Well here is how to save a Revit family out of a project in 5 simple …

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Getting Started with Autodesk Revit

Creating a Soldier Course in Revit

If you are just getting started or looking to start using Autodesk Revit then here are a few things you may want to consider. Moving from AutoCAD and 2D based design to 3D modelling with Revit How does Revit differ from AutoCAD? Whilst AutoCAD is your general drawing tool to produce design, construction drawings and …

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Man and Machine Acquires Benchmarq Autodesk Business

Man and Machine, part of the Mensch und Maschine Group, one of Autodesk’s largest global Platinum Partners, announces today that they have acquired the activities of Benchmarq’s Autodesk business division. The acquisition is part of Man and Machine’s continued growth strategy in the UK to be the leading provider of software and services for the …

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Best Practices When Working with Revit Cloud Worksharing and Autodesk Construction Cloud

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Are you working with Revit and the Autodesk Construction Cloud, especially using the cloud worksharing functionality (BIM Collaborate Pro)?  Then there are a number of things you should be doing as best practice to help optimise and improve performance when working with your cloud work shared models. Revit General Verify that all users who are …

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How to Check which Build Version you are Running in Autodesk Revit?

Autodesk continually develops their software solutions which we use every day. This will be to either enhance the tools further, embrace new functionality, fix bugs, or add security fixes.   So each year a new product version will be released with generally a version update (ie 2022 then 2022.1) during that year and to correct any …

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Accessing the Autodesk Desktop Connector (Autodesk Construction Cloud)

The Autodesk Desktop Connectors is an integral part of working as it integrates with the Autodesk Construction Cloud service. It easily allows users to manage their information directly from their desktops. The connected drive is a mirrored local copy of the folder structure set out within Autodesk Docs or BIM 360 Docs and even Fusion …

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