We are always happy to connect with individuals who share our enthusiasm for delivering exceptional customer success or are keen to explore career opportunities at Man and Machine. If this sounds like you and you have a CV that reflects your passion and capabilities, we invite you to send it to us at

If you are dedicated to igniting enthusiasm, inspiring others, and delighting customers, we provide a positive and enjoyable cultural environment that is also highly rewarding. You will be part of a team and company where your input and ideas are welcomed and valued. Through coaching and training, we are committed to nurturing your skill set, whilst also actively providing opportunities to apply your newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios.

Job Roles


Typically, we look for experienced salespeople or sales managers with 2 – 3 years sale experience in a similar role.

You must care about the customer experience and be able to demonstrate a high level of activity with a focus on new customer acquisition.

You need to be results orientated with an interest in software and technology, and preferably from a related industry is an advantage.

Technical Consultants

Our customers trust our technical teams to deliver best-in-class advice and training.

You will love CAD, CAM and/or BIM software and have specific skills in the use of some of our software tools (or similar applications).

Your role will typically involve training, implementing, configuring, consulting and supporting the software solutions our clients rely upon.

Support Engineers

Our support engineers are the first, second and third line of support in providing our customers continuity of service.

Understanding the problem and the business impact are critical.

As such, the role is business critical in terms of customer productivity and our engineers will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are restored to service as quickly as possible.

BIM Consultants

Our BIM experts are typically from industry, bringing a wealth of project experience around digital design and build projects.

You will be well versed in openBIM, ISO19650 standards and the UK BIM Framework.

You will be a subject matter expert and will be entrusted to help clients define and implement their digital construction journey and standards.


Our marketing team are an essential conduit of information and advice to our customers, maintaining connection and communication even when the clients have no specific projects for us to work on.

If you are a digital marketing expert with skills in design, digital advertising, social media, SEO or any other aspects of today’s modern multi-channel marketing world, we would be happy to hear from you.


Our customer success team in our operations department have very varied administrative roles covering purchasing, data and order entry, engineer scheduling, and vendor relationship management to name a few.

We are typically looking for bright, enthusiastic, well-organised individuals who thrive under pressure and have a high degree of attention to detail with a real focus on customer satisfaction.


IT is at the core of our success as it runs many business-critical applications. We support web services to make our connections to suppliers efficient and effective and have built a solid systems platform based on Microsoft Business Central.

As a business-critical asset our IT team members will recognise the value in the continuity of our system and staff will understand the importance of it.


We pride ourselves on providing the very best financial services. We look for candidates that understand how to interact with customers from a financial standpoint in a very customer-centric way.

Our team is also focused on ensuring a high degree of integrity, ensuring we are effective in meeting all our regulatory requirements, whilst ensuring the company maintains strong financial positions.

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