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Renaming Teams

The long awaited first steps towards team customization have just been taken. Though it may seem like a small feature, the ability to rename a team in the Autodesk Management Portal is an important step towards customizing your teams. We can now move away from teams named after the Contract manager and a random number. …

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Create Deployment in Autodesk Account

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Autodesk have started rolling out a new method of creating deployments through the Autodesk account, which gives users the ability to create the deployment with all its settings right in the account without having to install anything first. While this may not be available for every product yet, there are a substantial number of products …

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BIMTrack – Using Saved Views for Quicker Coordination

Navigating around BIMTrack is a fairly simple process however there is a little used area to allow you to set up saved views on your own project models that will help with model coordination and navigation which will improve workflows and efficiency. BIMTrack is a great tool to allow you to review project coordination and …

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Installing Autodesk Software

To install Autodesk software onto your computer you can either go through Autodesk’s website, your Autodesk Desktop App, or through your Autodesk account. Where possible we recommend getting the download through your Autodesk account, this will ensure that you get the correct version for your license as well as different download options, however if this …

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