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Autodesk Revit Content Library

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When you install Autodesk Revit it will install the content library to suit the region you set during the installation. This should include Family Templates, Libraries and Discipline Templates. Then when you open Revit you can just select the template or families you need. Sometimes these don’t install for some reason or you may need …

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Better Presentation in Revit using Guide Grids

If presentation is key to your drawing sheet deliverables there is a little used tool within Revit that allows you to align views over multiple sheets. Guide grids will improve the overall look and feel of your presentation drawings and gain consistency over your outputs. Guide Grids can be activated in a sheet view only …

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Revit Model Checker – Rule Configurator

This short blog takes you through some of the steps to allow you to create auditing rules on Revit using one of the free tools available to all Revit users. This process could aid with model auditing and validation processes as part of your BIM Execution Plan, company standards or ISO 9001 quality management process. …

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