Revit 2022 Revisions – ISO 19650 Compliant in 10 Seconds

You can now follow ISO 19650 revision naming compliance within Revit 2022.

Creating new Revision sequences is made very easy now out of the box in Revit

It is now possible to follow ISO 19650 revision numbering inside of Revit 2022 out of the box. This is going to greatly increase the usefulness of revision schedules on sheets and allow users to better manage revisions on a global project basis.

Step 1: Head to revisions in Revit

Step 2: Head to the new Numbering Button in the revisions Window (ensure your Numbering is set to Per sheet)

Step 3: Start a new numbering system for both your preliminary and construction revisions

Step 4: Choose which revisions relate to which Numbering system you have created.

Step 5: Add the revisions to the sheets (as you can see when you add the construction numbering system between the preliminary revisions, the numbering system carries on as it should in line with ISO 19650)

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