How to Export Revit Schedules to Excel

Want to export your Revit schedules into Excel? Following the below instructions, I will show you how you can get your Revit Schedules in to Excel with a few simple steps.

How to Export to TXT in Revit

In Revit we can export our schedules to a TXT file and then in Excel we can import that data from the TXT file.

Revit Schedule to Export
Revit Window Schedule

1. Open the schedule you want to export

2. Go to File -> Export -> Reports -> Schedules

3. Choose a location and name to save the text file

4. On the next window go with the default options making note of the delimiter setting.

How to Import TXT Data into Excel

1. Start a new spreadsheet

2. Go to the Data tab

3 Select From Text/CSV

4. Select the TXT file you exported from Revit

5. Make sure the delimiter is the same as the export.

Schedule Imported to Excel
Excel Window Schedule

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