Fusion 360

Fusion 360 CAM – Cutting Axial Grooves on a Turned Part

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In Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM, it is possible to cut axial and spiral grooves into a turned part. This is achieved by leveraging planes and the Trace strategy. In this illustrated guide, we will explore how to CNC such grooves into the cylinder pictured below. Step 1: Create Sketches and Planes Begin by creating sketches …

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Fusion 360 CAM – Cutting Radial and Non-Radial Holes on a 4-Axis Lathe

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On a 4-axis lathe, it is possible to cut radial and non-radial holes into a curved surface. However, software can often have trouble identifying that a hole in a curved surface is indeed a hole. This can make it difficult to set up drilling operations. In this quick blog, we’re going to explore the quickest, …

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What can Cloud Credits Do across Autodesk Software?

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While Cloud Credits can be used across a range of functions in Autodesk software, the most common uses are Rendering, Simulation, Tool paths, and Generative Design. Rendering enables users the chance to create solar studies of your model in various environments, as well as panoramas and images that are photorealistic. These would usually take longer …

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