Recent Autodesk Revit Security Updates

Autodesk have recently released a number of Revit security updates for Autodesk Revit versions 2017, 2018, and 2019. These important updates address potential security issues and are seen as required and critical installations, which without installation could affect the ability for your product to work in the future. We recommend you install these Revit security fixes as soon as possible. If you need any assistance in doing so, please give us a call.

There are several fixes which are being rolled out into a single update file dependant to which version of Autodesk Revit you run. This should hopefully reduce the impact on having to roll out a number of different installations.

Some further information on the updates in question can be found on the Revit Blog, with specific information found within the documentation of each hotfix. Some of this information is also included here for reference:

The security updates which you should install as soon as possible are:

  •  Revit 2017.0.4 Security Fix
    • The 2017.0.4 is an update for users that have installed 2017 but have not installed any of the point releases – we call this being on our first version – or FCS. You likely need this update if you do not subscribe to Revit.
  • Revit 2017.2.4 Security Fix
    • 2017.2.4 is for those that have updated to a point release of 2017, on Subscription.
  • Revit 2018.0.3 Security Fix
    • 2018.0.3 is for those that have installed 2018, but again, have not installed any of our subscription point release updates.
  • Revit 2018.3.2 Security Fix
    • 2018.3.2 is for those that have installed a point release, on subscription.
  • Revit 2019.0.2 Security Fix
    • 2019.0.2 is for those that have installed 2019, but have not installed any of our subscription point release updates
  • Revit 2019.1 Update
    • 2019.1 includes the security updates mentioned (even though it was released in August 2018).

These updates are needed to help your product continue to function as you expect. You can download them via the accounts page ( or install them via the Autodesk Desktop App.

Even if you subscribe to Revit, you likely will see multiple updates available for you – so that if you didn’t happen to install the point releases you will still have all the fixes available. If you accidentally run the install for a version that is not on your machine, don’t worry, it will not affect the version you do have installed. If you run the installer and the update is already there, you will get a message that the fixes are installed.

For Revit products, these updates also include additional security-related fixes.

Once again, we recommend that you take the time to install these security fixes as soon as possible to ensure your products continue to function as you expect.

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