Take the next step in visual presentation with Twinmotion

Realtime rendering is nothing new, and there are now several technologies on the market that offer the ability to work within a fully rendered model without having to wait for a process heavy task to complete. Twinmotion takes this functionality to the next level, incorporating the ability to change materials, add landscape and components to your model, some of which can be animated, in order bring your design presentations to life.

Compatible with multiple design tools

Twinmotion is compatible with a variety of design tools in the AEC industry, with Autodesk Revit at the forefront of this. This means direct integration from within Autodesk Revit itself, as well as the ability to import models from an Autodesk Revit export. Alongside Autodesk Revit, Twinmotion is directly compatible with:

• Sketchup Pro
• Rhino
• ArchiCAD
• Any application cable of exporting .FBX files

Embracing game visualisation technology

Twinmotion leverages the Unreal game engine, meaning that compatibility and performance is up there with the best. This also means that as improvements and advancements in the renowned Unreal engine are released, you can expect improvements to the visual quality given by Twinmotion.

Render your heart out!

As well as working in realtime, Twinmotion also allows you to create high quality still images, animations, panoramas, or even 360o VR videos within seconds!