Autodesk NetFabb

Netfabb is part of a whole suite of Autodesk products that help customers meet their design and manufacturing sustainability ambitions. Never more than today, is it more critical that customers understand how to optimise the environmental performance of the products they build.

The Autodesk suite of products that do this include Nastran In-CAD, Moldflow, Netfabb additive manufacturing software, Generative Design, Trunest, CFD, HSM, Inventor Professional and Fusion.

These solutions focus on providing opportunities to improve design and production processes, resulting in improved energy consumption, less material waste and improved resource productivity.

Netfabb additive manufacturing software has tools that will help you streamline your additive workflow and quickly get from a 3D model to successfully printed parts. Key Features include:

  • Model import, analysis and repair
  • Editing and modification of models
  • Configurable build supports
  • Design optimisation
  • Additive manufacturing simulation
  • Automatic 2D and 3D packing
  • Mesh to CAD conversion

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