PDM Booster

PDM Booster

Is you design data saved in Autodesk Vault? With the MuM PDM Booster, you can expand your data management with custom automated scripting, a connected ERP system and integrated PLM.

Optimise your Vault data management platform using PDM Booster, a solution designed to ensure routine data management jobs are handled automatically, whilst providing a simple user interface to structure your data to your company standards.

PDM Booster uses dedicated modules in its toolset to carry out specific job functions to ease the burden of managing your data, whilst automating tasks and workflows. Furthermore, it allows synchronization and integration to your ERP and PLM systems, connecting teams and tasks in a way that Autodesk Vault cannot do on its own.

Find a PDM Booster Module for your task


Retains control over your metadata, by systematically and automatically handling the “properties” so that each file is stored in the Vault in a structured manner.


Expand your data management with a variety of practice-oriented functions and configurable user interfaces, allowing you to structure your data according to your company standards.

Job Engine

Handles recurring tasks automatically, thereby handling repetitive tasks effectively and efficiently. The automation of processes not only saves time, but also helps to avoid expensive errors, e.g. when transferring parts lists.

Managed Events

A flexible solution that automates tasks otherwise undertaken manually in the Vault, e.g. this might include automatic synchronisation of properties or filling in of properties when status changes.


Bi-directionally couples your Vault data management system to your ERP system, exchanging database information in both directions, aligning data and ensuring the right data is available at the right time in the right system.


Designed to support your company standards, the Classification module will help you find your data quickly and easily. It supports not only name and number systems but also dimensions, material and other physical properties.

Migration Suite

A professional tool for migrating and editing Inventor and AutoCAD files. It includes the ability to reference repair, edit file properties, do style updates, replace title blocks, edit files in the Vault and more.