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Plant Engineering Solutions for…

Oil & Gas
As marine, offshore and petrochemical companies you create huge amounts of engineering data, which by inference has become one of your key corporate assets. We understand and provide applications and services that underpin your equipment creation, operation and maintenance as well as providing 2D/3D solutions for your plant and factory creation, simulation and visualisation.

Utilities & Power
Your products, primarily energy and water, food provide the critical needs of the global economy. But aging facilities, regulatory compliance, industry consolidation, demands from emerging economies and retaining expertise are key challenges you may be facing. Our application tools and training and consultancy programs are designed to help you address these challenges.

Renewable Energy
As the world looks for more economical and renewable sources of energy, the UK specifically has signed up to 15% of its energy to come from renewable sources by 2020, as part of the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Your innovations in alternative technologies should help facilitate this goal and we fully endorse and support you through the provision of innovative design tools and services.

Waste Management
We offer significant expertise in the deployment of integrated asset management and engineering document control systems. We aim to help you connect your assets to your technical documents/specifications in a meaningful way to deliver on site operational efficiencies. Maintaining your plants efficiently and helping you deliver asset longevity is crucial to sustaining an effective waste recycling economy.

Plant Industry Services

The plant and process industry is faced with challenges in many areas such as aging facilities and infrastructure, demand from emerging economies, waste and carbon reduction policies, regulatory compliance and the loss of expertise. These challenges need to be met against a backdrop of tighter margins and decreased project timelines. Our plant engineering solutions are designed to help.

We understand these issues and will use our skilled technicians and process industry specialists to apply ourselves to find solutions to your business needs. Using solutions from Autodesk, we address a wide spectrum of needs including 3D modelling, P&ID, data management and asset lifecycle management to ensure optimum designs and longevity of on-site assets.

At a time when some of the process industries are seeing a slow down in capital projects, the time for business process innovation and automation to drive cost efficiencies will no doubt be the subject of many board level discussions.

These kind of innovations go hand-in-hand with the Internet of Things (IoT), increased cooperation between end points and systems (device meshes) and improved design, data management and asset lifecycle software. We are here to help you exploit these technologies to drive efficiency through your capital project delivery and ongoing operations and maintenance of your plants.

Our training and consulting services can help you with:

Plant 3D Product Demonstration

Improved Plant 3D Instrumentation Support

  • Data and asset management implementation
  • Workflow & 3D modelling
  • Detailed structural design
  • Piping, equipment & structure design
  • Plant simulation & validation
  • Equipment & skid design

If you would like to know more about our industry solutions for the plant and process sectors or would like to speak to one of our experts please contact us on 01844 263700 or via online chat.

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