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Revit – Split Face

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The Revit split face tool allows us to split the face of a surface without having to split the element.For example if I had a wall and wanted to apply paint but for a shorter length of wall I can use the Split Face tool to split the area I wish to paint. How to …

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Revit – Selection Sets

In Revit we can save selection sets if we have a group of elements we know we will want to easily select again. Creating Selection Sets Select all the elements you wish to save as a Selection Set. Go to the Manage tab in the Ribbon bar. In the grouping “Selection” click the Save button. …

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Revit – Match Type Properties

In Revit we can use the Match Type properties tool when we have an instance of two elements with different type properties and we want to correct one to match the other element. Using Match Type Properties Go to the Modify tab. In the grouping “Clipboard” Select the Match Type Properties button. Now in the …

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Revit Line Style Override

In Revit overriding the lifestyle of a single or multiple lines couldn’t be easier. Go to the Modify tab. Click the Line works button. Select the new line style from the dropdown in the Ribbon bar. Click the line you want to override. Repeat step four as many times as necessary. ConclusionThis is a really …

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Revit 2021 Base Families

With the new Revit 2021 installation Autodesk have made a slight change to the way files are installed, you will now need to select the base families you would like to include in your installation. This has caused some confusion during the activation process for Revit as some people have realized when they open Revit …

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