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Rhino or Catia to Autodesk Revit using Inventor

Rhino or Catia to Autodesk Revit

Many Architects are leveraging tools such as Rhino or Catia for their surfacing capability, but wanting to take that data across to Autodesk Revit to integrate into their BIM Authoring Environment. Traditionally, this can be a painful and manual process, but there are ways of getting a good quality, and smooth representation of aesthetically pleasing …

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Parametrics in Inventor

Using parametrics in Inventor to define your model can not only save you time and money down the track, but also open up new pathways to design optimisation and configuration. If you are not yet using parameters and would like to see how they can be better leveraged, read on. What are parameters?When we are defining …

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Fixing the Threading Tool in Inventor

Lately, a series of Windows updates have knocked out Inventor’s threading tool, disabling the use of threading, some holes and tables. Here’s a quick guide for fixing the threading tool. Solution 1: Fixing the Registry 1. Close all Autodesk products.2. Click the start menu, type in “Regedit” and hit enter.3. In the registry tree, locate …

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Linking Inventor with Excel

A customer called in earlier this week wanting to link Autodesk Inventor with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In other words, driving the value of a dimension inside of Inventor with a value from an Excel sheet. There are 2 possibilities here, using either a direct link with Excel between files or using iLogic. In this …

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Cutting Lists in Inventor

IntroductionInventor’s Frame Generator excels at producing a frame model quickly and easily. However, while it will happily produce a Bill of Materials (BOM) for the frame, it will not be optimal by default – the total  length of unique segments (rather than unit lengths and quantities) will be written, and it will omit end treatments …

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