Vault ‘Check In’ Tab Greyed Out or Disabled?

Our support team at Man and Machine, occasionally come across Vault issues. One issue which appears sometimes is a ‘greyed out’ or disabled Check In feature on the Vault tab within Inventor. Albeit a small issue, this can be the cause of a greater problem which would need investigating.

In this blog, I will explain the most common reasons for this to occur. And detail the solution to accompany the problem.

You are not logged in to the Vault Server
               Solution : Ensure you are logged in as the correct user, and make sure you have all the correct benefits assigned to you.

You have updated Vault client
               Solution : If you have updated the Vault client, your Autodesk software will need a repair or update to make the correct amendments to the Vault tab Add-In.

Inventor is not using an active Vault Project File
               Solution : To run Vault efficiently, within inventor you would need to confirm you are using an active ‘Vault Project File’

Check the vault working folder location is correct
               Solution : the location of the vault working folder needs to be set to the location of the active Inventor Project file.

The above issues will resolve the issue, but if you would like any more information please do call the Technical Support Team on 01844 263795 or

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