Solibri Training

Solibri Fundamentals

This Solibri training course is an essential introduction if you are a new user of Solibri Office, looking to get started with the exploration of BIM models and model validation. You will be taught the core commands and actions in Solibri Office and understand the basics of rule based assessment and communication.

Key Topics

  • Introduction and Principles of BIM
  • Introduction to Solibri
  • Demonstration of Solibri Office
  • User Interface and Key Settings
  • Model Handling and Visualisation
  • Making Selections
  • Handling Merged/Federated Models
  • Checking the Model with Rules

  • Communication
  • Model Comparison and Revision Update
  • Information Take Off Basics
  • Additional Settings

Course Duration РBespoke

Next Step – Solibri Rules Workshop

Solibri Rules Workshop

This rule writing workshop is an essential follow-on to the Solibri Fundamentals training if you need to extract maximum value from the tool. It will teach you how to create customised rulesets for quality assurance and BIM model validation. You will also learn how to use the advanced features of the tool to create model checking rules, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of how to do advanced information take-off and checks for correct component classifications.

Key Topics

  • Introduction and Principles of BIM
  • Introduction to Rules Based Checking
  • Component Classification

  • Advanced Information Take Off
  • Advanced Rule Checking
  • The Ruleset Manager

  • Processing Models
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Creating your Rules Workshop

Course Duration РBespoke

Next Step – A Bespoke Course