Include Grids in your 3D Views in Revit 2022

In earlier version releases of Revit, we had Levels added in 3D which was helpful from a coordination and visual point of view. Now in Revit 2022, we can visualise grid lines in a 3D view, select how we want to show them and on which levels. If grid lines already exist within our project, …

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Revit BIM Interoperability Tools – Equipment Data Tool

One of a couple of new tools which have been added to the BIM Interoperability Toolset, the new equipment data tool adds some new control over metadata and parameters being added to project objects or object libraries to aid consistent delivery. This tool can be accessed through the BIM Interoperability Toolbar and is represented on …

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BIMTrack – Using Saved Views for Quicker Coordination

Navigating around BIMTrack is a fairly simple process however there is a little used area to allow you to set up saved views on your own project models that will help with model coordination and navigation which will improve workflows and efficiency. BIMTrack is a great tool to allow you to review project coordination and …

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