Best Practices

Getting Started with Autodesk Revit

Creating a Soldier Course in Revit

If you are just getting started or looking to start using Autodesk Revit then here are a few things you may want to consider. Moving from AutoCAD and 2D based design to 3D modelling with Revit How does Revit differ from AutoCAD? Whilst AutoCAD is your general drawing tool to produce design, construction drawings and …

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Best Practices When Working with Revit Cloud Worksharing and Autodesk Construction Cloud

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Are you working with Revit and the Autodesk Construction Cloud, especially using the cloud worksharing functionality (BIM Collaborate Pro)?  Then there are a number of things you should be doing as best practice to help optimise and improve performance when working with your cloud work shared models. Revit General Verify that all users who are …

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