Solibri Mandatory Update



Due to major functionality changes in the Solibri licensing system, the below-listed Solibri versions will no longer work from Sept 18th, 2019. Therefore, all users must upgrade to a supported version to ensure the continued working functionality of the software.

  • Legacy versions (before v9.8.47): An upgrade to a newer version (either Solibri v9.10, SMC v9.9 or SMC v9.8) required by Sept 18th, 2019. The supported versions can be found on Solibri Solution Center.
  • SMC v9.8.47 or later, SMC v9.9. and Solibri v9.10 users: Can continue using Solibri without changes or actions.

**Cobie plugin users, please note that the Cobie plugin although functional is not yet supported on Solibri v9.10. Until the release of the updated Cobie plugin please use either SMC v9.9 or 9.8**