Solibri Office

Solibri was founded by a group of individuals who noticed the world was changing. In 1999, software modelling was improving and common standards were being formed. These standards allowed quality checking in different industries. The founders had experience from the worlds of construction, chemical and aerospace. As designers could now create with digital tools, it makes sense to offer supporting software to check the validity and quality of these designs.

Construction was the natural industry to focus upon. The fundamental challenges of money and material waste could be solved with Solibri’s new ideas. From this thinking came out of the box software to check and analyse construction designs.

Solibri Office software finds potential faults before a single brick is laid. It performs advanced clash detection, deficiency detection, BIM and accessibility compliance, model comparisons and full information take off. It’s the ‘one stop shop’ for anyone who needs to stay on top of a building project. Solibri works with architects, construction companies, building owners and facility managers offering greater quality control in the design, building and maintaining of spaces. By using SMC you can manage costs, delivery timings and maintenance work.

Man and Machine is a UK partner for Solibri and offers Solibri software, consultancy and support.

Getting Started on Solibri

Visualisation of Models

How the Selection Basket Works

Advanced Clash Detection

Automatically analyze and group clashes according to severity. Find relevant problems quickly and easily. Investigate the quality of your BIM files.

Deficiency Detection

Prevent issues in advance. Use SO and its logical reasoning rules to search for components and materials missing from the model.

Managing Change Orders

Track changes between two design versions of the same model. Save time with easy visualization and verification of model changes.

BIM Data Mining

Be assured on the quality of information in BIM designs & use SO for instant information takeoff. Measure spaces and materials on the fly.