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Autodesk InfraWorks is a model building and infrastructure design software with real-world context.

Autodesk InfraWorks is a conceptual design software which help you model and understand design projects, in context. Use it to:

  • Aggregate volumes of data to generate information-rich context models
  • Streamline processes with conceptual design tools that incorporate engineering principles
  • Use compelling visuals to evaluate your designs and clearly communicate intent to stakeholders

What can you do with InfraWorks?

  • Generate rich context models: Aggregate large volumes of data to generate contextual models, seamlessly integrate geospatial data into designs, and model existing conditions that represent built and natural environments.
  • Visualise design options and communicate design intent: Explore conceptual designs in context that allow you to visualise your project under different weather conditions or integrate your GIS data to explore existing conditions to understanding design impacts.
  • Analyse design concepts with real-world context: Reduce overall design time with automated analysis and design tools. Analyse the impact of the surrounding natural and built environment within your project scope with different simulation tools.

For more information or to see a full list of features, you can visit the Autodesk website: Autodesk InfraWorks Software | Get Prices & Buy Official InfraWorks 2024. It is available over a variety of terms. If you cannot find an option that suits your needs, or would like further information, please call the Man and Machine team on 01844 263700 or email


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What is InfraWorks used for?

InfraWorks lets architecture, engineering and construction professionals model, analyse and visualise infrastructure design concepts within the content of the build and natural environment.

Who uses InfraWorks?

Civil engineers, civil designers and other civil infrastructure professionals, including urban planners and surveyors, use InfraWorks during the planning and design phase of infrastructure projects.

Which versions of InfraWorks can I use if I subscribe to the current version?

Your InfraWorks subscription gives you access to install and use the 3 previous versions.

Can I install InfraWorks on multiple computers?
With a subscription to InfraWorks software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time.