Have you got an AEC collection? Heard about Autodesk Docs?

Autodesk Docs is the new powerful cloud platform from Autodesk now included in your AEC collection subscription. This entitles AEC Collection subscribers to leverage unlimited cloud storage, markup and issue tracking capabilities, review, and approval workflows and much more.

(If this is news to you and have not started using it, get in touch for a demonstration or a discussion on how you can use this new offering on your next project)


If you have single user licenses of AEC collections, Autodesk Docs licenses are simply tied to the user that has been assigned the AEC collection and were available from the 7th of February 2021.


If you have multiuser license agreements for your AEC collections, you still have this great offering. Multiuser licenses should see Autodesk Docs as a separate Line Item in your Autodesk manage accounts for you to be able to assign to a user of your choice.  The Autodesk roll out for Multi Users is taking place between the 15th of Feb and the 30th of April so you may not see it in your account yet.

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