Fusion 360 – One Product – Unlimited Possibilities

I’m sure you all know of a little product called Fusion 360. I’m sure you are also aware that Fusion 360 comes in 3 different flavours, namely:

Fusion for hobbyists, Educators and start-ups (Free of Charge)
Fusion 360 Standard (£294 per annum)
Fusion Ultimate (£1434 per annum)

Whilst the base software and technology is the same between all three versions, typically it is the ultimate version which is the most feature rich, which includes all of the industry leading design and modelling tools inside of Fusion 360 Standard, alongside Advanced Simulation, Advanced MFG and Generative design toolsets.

As of early October, this will be changing as Autodesk have decided to roll both Standard and Ultimate into one single product. This of course will mean a price change (yes, I can hear the groans in the background) but wait – I think Autodesk have hit the nail on the head with this one, in my opinion this is a win-win for all parties. Let me explain…

If you are a new user to Fusion 360, or thinking about subscribing to Fusion 360 the time for making a decision is before October 7th 2018, as any current subscription prices will freeze at the current pricing (£294) for as long as you renew. On top of that, you will also be automatically upgraded to the new “One” Fusion 360 on or before October 7th. If that wasn’t quite clear enough:

You will have access to all features in Fusion 360 Ultimate for the grand old price of £294 per year for life (well, for as long as you keep renewing anyway)

This sounds absolutely FANTABULOUS! But what if you already subscribe to either standard or ultimate versions of Fusion 360?

‘What will happen to my pricing?’ I hear you all scream.

As a current standard Fusion 360 subscriber, and as a thank you for being a loyal customer, not only will your current subscription price remain at the discounted rate of £294 for as long as you renew – but you’ll also get access to more functionality, including:

Generative design technology – explore thousands of design alternatives and choose the one that best fits your needs
Advanced manufacturing functionality – 3+2, 4 & 5-axis machining and probing
Advanced simulation functionality – nonlinear stress, shape optimisation, buckling, and event simulation

If you are a current Fusion 360 Ultimate subscriber, the functionality you have access to today will remain, but will renew at a lower price of $495 USD. On top of this, to thank you for your loyalty Autodesk are also going to extend your current subscription an additional 24 months at no cost to you. WAIT WHAT NOW!!!! Autodesk are going to extend your subscription for 2 years AT NO COST! You heard that right folks, Autodesk are giving your FREE Software for the next 2 years!

Cloud credits remain unchanged, and can be purchased as and when required.

For Early adopters, Students, educational and hobbyists there will be no change to your subscription, and for those who have a PDMC or PDSU then you will of course now get access to the full fusion package.

So to wrap up, exciting news all around! If you have any queries or wish to subscribe to Fusion 360 and take advantage of this exciting opportunity then get in touch before October 7th!

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