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What is Dynamic Simulation in Autodesk Inventor

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One of the most powerful and overlooked tools in Autodesk Inventor is Dynamic Simulation, but what is it exactly? Read on to find out more about this awesomely powerful tool. In a Nutshell In a nutshell, Dynamic Simulation allows users to predict the kinetic behaviour of their designs – that is to say, how it …

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Complex Design in the Age of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technologies (such as 3D-printing and selective laser sintering) have already made waves in industry, but their greatest impact has yet to come – the revolution they will bring to design. Rather than discussing the very-Googleable advantages and disadvantages of Additive manufacturing (AM), we will focus on the implications of just one of its …

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Inventor Stress Analysis vs. Nastran In-CAD

Inventor and Nastran In-CAD Comparison

If you’ve kept abreast with the news, Autodesk’s Product Design and Manufacturing Collection now ships with Nastran In-CAD. For FEA fanatics such as myself, this is fantastic news. Nastran enjoys a solid reputation in the industry of engineering analysis and for good reason. But how is it different from Inventor’s native FEA offering, Stress Analysis? …

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