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Revit 2019 New Features

What's New Revit 2019

Revit 2019 has now been released with the new features focused on community feedback. The top two requested features on the Revit Ideas forums with over 2000 votes each have both been included in this new release.If you want a peak at upcoming Revit features that are being worked on head over to the Revit …

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Export Plant 3D Model into Revit

Plant Model into Revit Header

In this blog I am going to show you the workflow to take a Plant 3D model and export it so that it can be used to create a Revit Family file (rfa). Pre-requisite- You will need the following tool BATCHEXPORTTOAUTOCAD.DLL for this workflow, you can download it by following this link.It is possible to …

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How to Save your Revit Custom System Families

Revit Custom System Families

Would you like to know how to save your Revit custom system families? In this blog post I will explain how we can save system families as a Revit file and how we can easily load them into other projects. What is a System FamilyFirstly you need to understand that in Revit there are two …

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How to Audit your Revit Project

Audit your Revit Project

In this blog I am going to explain how and why you should Audit your Revit project for errors. Like most files on a Windows computer the more you write and delete to the file the more chances there are that an error can be introduced. The same is true for your Revit projects, as you …

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Global Parameters in Revit

Design Software has long been able to have dynamic references between different parameters, both for driving values and referencing information. This is the basics of Parametric Modelling, something that we are all used to using. Autodesk Revit has, since the 2016 release, been able to work with Global Parameters which can enhance this workflow inside …

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Adding Carpentry Detail for Visualisation inside of Revit

Inside of Revit, whilst we are typically working to a given Level of Definition (Level of Detail) which defines exactly how complex our models should be, certainly in architectural designs we have the need to make the models look that little bit nicer, especially for visualisation purposes. One way we can really improve the look …

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks – What, Why & How??

AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks Header

What are AutoCAD dynamic blocks and why should we use them? Well that is a very good question and I am glad you have asked! The best way to think of a dynamic block is to consider an item that has multiple options; things like size, rotation and appearance. Take, for example, a standard exterior …

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AutoCAD to Revit

AutoCAD LT Header

We could all use a little change – AutoCAD to Revit. Recently I have come across lots of practises both in manufacturing and AEC who are still using AutoCAD to create shop drawings and outsourcing the 3d modelling and rendering capabilities to others. I myself have been at a company that used this kind of workflow and maybe for some …

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