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Getting Started with Autodesk Revit

Creating a Soldier Course in Revit

If you are just getting started or looking to start using Autodesk Revit then here are a few things you may want to consider. Moving from AutoCAD and 2D based design to 3D modelling with Revit How does Revit differ from AutoCAD? Whilst AutoCAD is your general drawing tool to produce design, construction drawings and …

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The Most Boring Article About Cad Layer Naming Standard You’ll Ever Read

It is important when producing drawings that all lines, blocks and annotations are assigned to the correct layers and not just to one layer (i.e. layer 0) or random layers within a drawing. This needs to be followed by everyone who produces drawings for that organisation (internal and external). Now I have personally developed and …

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How to Update Tags after Editing the Tag Format in AutoCAD Plant 3D

How do you update existing Plant 3D tags after you edit the format in the project settings? In this blog I will show exactly how to netload a DLL file which allows you to update the tags after changing the tag format in a P&ID drawing / Plant 3D model. Simply follow the steps below, provided …

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Exporting from Autodesk Inventor to Plant 3D

How to export an Inventor model giving it maximum functionality within Plant 3D Introduction Autodesk Inventor is a great tool for any mechanical design project and with the Tube and Pipe environment it is also very good at doing small plant skids and plant rooms. For large scale plant factories and the like, it is …

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AutoCAD 2022 What’s New?

AutoCAD 2022 is out now, whether you have a single subscription or have AutoCAD included as part of a collection. AutoCAD 2022 builds on its world class standardised set of specialised tools, giving users a huge productivity boost when following industry specific workflows in comparison to  standard 2D. AutoCAD 2022 contains thousands of standard, intelligent …

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AutoCAD – The Even Quicker than Ctrl Z Undo

AutoCAD – The Even Quicker than Ctrl Z Undo Have you ever made a mistake in AutoCAD that you want to undo, I know I have. Thankfully we have the undo button for that, but what if I’m too lazy to click the undo button? Well that’s simple, most of us use the keyboard shortcut …

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