Richard White

Space Awareness of Objects in Revit for COBie Classification

COBie datafiles are used to capture maintainable and operational assets for ongoing management and replacement processes during handover at various gateways in a construction project. When delivering COBie outputs from Autodesk Revit however, it should be noted that these elements should be selected and specified often as part of a clients Asset Information Requirements. It …

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Cutting Edge – Enhanced Cutting for Families in Revit 2023

Revit Home Screen Header

Revit 2023 has added some updated functionality around cutting of objects in Section views which allows control on whether specific objects can be seen as cut which previously were not available. There has been a change around allocation of ‘cuttable’ family types in Revit 2023 which can help specifically in section views where objects may …

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It’s Classified – Revit 2023 Classification Tools Update

There has been an update to the Revit 2023 Interoperability Classification Manager, now called the ‘Standardized Data’ tool. We will have a look at what has changed in this update. There has been a minor interface and function update to the Classification Manager, which now changes the function of the original two button tool. We …

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Twinmotion – Improve Visualisation, Animations and Lighting when working with Revit Models

Twinmotion, is a real time immersive 3D Architectural Visualisation package that works from within Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft ARCHICAD and has very recently been bought by Epic Games. Its another good alternative for high quality visualization to the other key players in the market, Enscape and Lumion. Functional Software Twinmotion is essentially a software of …

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Include Grids in your 3D Views in Revit 2022

In earlier version releases of Revit, we had Levels added in 3D which was helpful from a coordination and visual point of view. Now in Revit 2022, we can visualise grid lines in a 3D view, select how we want to show them and on which levels. If grid lines already exist within our project, …

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BIM Component Families – Useful Free Library Add ins

There are a number of available direct access library add ins for Revit to help with manufacturers components prepopulated with parameters and useful metadata which can help with efficiency and compilation speed of model production especially in the technical design portion of a project. This blog covers a few useful libraries to consider. There are …

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