Cameron MacKenzie

Autodesk Custom Install

Many of you will be familiar with the installation of Autodesk Suites whereby you would have one install file for all the software included in your license. Since the move to the Collections though, each product needed to be installed separately, until now… Autodesk have introduced the Custom Install option, where you can select multiple …

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Renaming Teams

The long awaited first steps towards team customization have just been taken. Though it may seem like a small feature, the ability to rename a team in the Autodesk Management Portal is an important step towards customizing your teams. We can now move away from teams named after the Contract manager and a random number. …

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Revit 2021 Base Families

With the new Revit 2021 installation Autodesk have made a slight change to the way files are installed, you will now need to select the base families you would like to include in your installation. This has caused some confusion during the activation process for Revit as some people have realized when they open Revit …

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Create Milling Tool in Inventor and Fusion 360

Inventor CAM Training Header

Have you ever been using Inventor CAM or Fusion 360’s Manufacturing workspace and wanted a tool that matched what you had in the workshop, or wanted to test a tool before adding it to your library? You can create new tools and libraries quickly within both programs, which can save you time and neaten your …

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