5 Steps To Customising The Revit Project Browser

Did you know you can customise the Revit project browser? You can re-organise many aspects of it and also use filters to choose what you can see and what to hide.

5 Steps to Customising the Revit Project Browser

Step 1: Right click inside the project browser and select “Browser Organisation…”

Step 2: Choose what you want to customise using the tabs and click “New” and give it a name.

Step 3: Use the filters to customise what views to show or not show.

Step 4: Choose how you want your views to be grouped and organised.

Step 5: Click OK and check your new scheme, again clicking OK.

Congratulations, you have now customised the views in your project browser.


You will most likley want to customise the project browser to some extent, removing used views and arranging them to your workflows. You can even go a step further, creating your own custom view parameters and then using that, maybe by planning stages or based on an internal code.

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