Vault Basic License Compliance

In this blog I want to have a quick chat about Vault Basic and license compliance.

I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but please remember if you are not license compliant and you get audited by Autodesk, you could be in for quite a big penalty.

So, recently I was at a customer where they had a number of licenses of the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, which as part of that Collection you are entitled to Vault Basic. That’s all great, it was all set up and working perfectly as Vault always does!

Then, I noticed that the customer had installed the Vault Basic client on a number of other machines, for admin and non-CAD users to access the vault, with an argument from the customer that Vault Basic is a non-licensed free piece of software. Which is why I decided to write this blog, as Vault Basic, is technically not free as its part of your Collection which you have paid for a license.

To install a vault client on a machine you need a qualified or licensed piece of CAD software, if you uninstall the qualified CAD product, you are no longer entitled to run Vault Basic on that machine.  Even though Autodesk is not currently enforcing this with technology, it would still be a violation of the licensing agreement.

To just cover that point again, it is a breach of the licensing agreement to install the vault basic client on machines that do not have a valid license of CAD software, you are only entitled to install the Vault basic client on machines that have qualified and licensed pieces of software.

We here at Man and Machine are always striving to give our customers the best experience and make sure everyone is using the correct software, if you have any questions regarding compliance please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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