Our Plant Design Training

Autodesk Introduction to Plant Design

On this course you will be taught how to use Autodesk Plant 3D to complete a plant design project. It provides a comprehensive overview of AutoCAD Plant 3D and the Autodesk Navisworks software modules included in the Plant Design Suite. Also covered are the common workflows for plant design plus a focus on project setup and administration.

Autodesk Plant 3D Training

Key Topics

  • Working in a Project
  • Opening a Drawing
  • Exploring the UI
  • Managing Layers and Colours
  • Equipment and Nozzles
  • Piping and Instruments
  • Tagging and Annotation
  • Editing and Reporting
  • Drawings and Folders
  • Steel and Equipment Modelling and Editing
  • Piping Editing and Advanced Topics
  • Orthographic and Isometric Views
  • Overview of Project Structure and Files
  • Specs and Catalogs
  • Creating and Editing Templates

Course Duration - 3 Days

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AutoCAD Piping and Instrumentation Design (P&ID)

This course teaches you how to use the AutoCAD P&ID software to complete a P&ID design project using common workflows. During this course you will explore the user interface and gain a thorough understanding of editing techniques, annotation concepts, data management, data reports and how to solve validation issues with AutoCAD P&ID.

Key Topics

  • Creating and Adding Existing Drawings
  • Equipment and Nozzles
  • Piping
  • Instrument and Instrument Lines
  • Tagging Concepts
  • Annotation Concepts
  • Editing Techniques
  • Data Manager and Reports
  • Custom One-off Symbols
  • Off-page Connections
  • Advanced Topics and Troubleshooting
  • P&ID Admin for Users
  • Generating Reports
  • Working in a Project
  • Opening a Drawing
  • Exploring the User Interface
  • Managing Layers and Colours

Course Duration - 2 Days

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Plant Design

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