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The Future of Autodesk Docs v BIM 360 Docs

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Autodesk’s Construction Cloud software solutions are moving at such a pace right now it can be difficult to keep up to speed with it all. So we have put together this blog to explain a little more starting with Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs. Autodesk News On 2nd June 2021, Autodesk added workflows to …

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Autodesk BIM 360 – What you need to know

What actually is Autodesk BIM 360? Well it is Autodesk’s unified platform connecting all project teams and organisations with means of accessing real-time information. Such as organisations managing their design information internally, design information during construction, and operations information throughout the life-cycle of an asset. (e.g. buildings, highways infrastructure, plant, etc) This is supported with …

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BIM 360 Docs Attributes

As you will see from the below screen shots, you have some default attributes in both plans and projects files area within BIM 360 Docs. You will see there are some differences between the two areas. In the plans area, you have fields like Title and Number which are automatically taken from the PDF drawings …

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How to Perform Plant 3D BIM 360 Model Coordination

In this blog I discuss a technique for using BIM 360 to do model coordination between Plant 3D and Revit models. Exporting Revit to DWG BIM 360 Design can be used to create a collaborative environment to assess models from different platforms such as Revit and Plant 3D. First, all models need to be correctly …

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Autodesk Vault and BIM 360 using Project Sync

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Autodesk Vault Professional has been able to synchronise to cloud based collaboration software for several years using an addon called Project Sync, although historically this was limited to Autodesk Buzzsaw. More recently, Autodesk have redeveloped Project Sync to enable collaboration with their newer cloud based platforms in both Fusion Team and BIM 360 platforms. This …

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