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Autodesk Flow Production Tracking allows you to elevate your studio’s creative workflow.

Autodesk Flow Production Tracking is a production management software, formerly ShotGrid software, that accelerates workflows for creative studios. With this software you can:

  • Bring creative visions to life, track deadlines and manage budgets with powerful project tracking tools.
  • Boost collaboration with media playback and review tools.
  • Run productions your way with customisable workflows, application integrations, and an open ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Real-time project tracking: See every step of your production and track shots and assets through the pipeline in real time.
  • Resource planning views: Identify over- or underutilised artists and easily rebalance work to optimise performance.
  • In-context review: Inform your reviews with access to the production’s previous notes, versions, statuses and more.
  • Anywhere media playback: Provide feedback from anywhere with high-quality, colour-accurate web, mobile and desktop playback.
  • Editorial integration: Review the final product and instantly pull up any cut to inform your creative decisions.
  • Plug-and-play integrations: Design a custom pipeline with integrated tools, including Maya, 3ds Max and Unreal Engine.
  • Work directly in creative apps: Access the production management, review and approval tools within your creative applications.
  • Isolation feature set: Control media isolation, expanded media replication, seclusion for web and media traffic control, and more.
  • Production insights: Visualise key data with the graph widget and time series, status history and burndown charts.

For more information or to see a full list of features, you can visit the Autodesk website: Flow Production Tracking Key Features 2022 | Features | Autodesk. It is available over a variety of terms. If you cannot find an option that suits your needs, or would like further information, please call the Man and Machine team on 01844 263700 or email

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What is Flow Production Tracking used for?

Flow Production Tracking is a production management and review toolset for VFX, animation and games teams. Flow Production Tracking is equipped to handle creative production tracking needs, allowing teams – from large to smaller studios – to focus on the things that matter.

Who uses Flow Production Tracking?

Flow Production Tracking is used across the film, TV and games industries by procedures, supervisors, pipeline developers, artists and more.

Can I install Flow Production Tracking on multiple computers?
With a subscription to Flow Production Tracking software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time.