Inventor DWG Cannot Open

This past week we had a case come up where a user would save a blank drawing in Inventor and would be unable to reopen it once it was saved.

We would usually try to look at the user settings and see if the file has any permission restrictions and if not, we would recreate the drawing template from scratch with the default drawing template. However, with this case the drawing was not the issue, since as soon as you save the blank drawing you would not be able to reopen the file.

This indicated that there was a permission error somewhere in the file, which causes the properties or behaviour of the file to change when being opened, or when the file is attempting to open, Inventor can’t read the information it needs. After some further research we eventually found that in one of the Windows updates the Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support option had been installed and activated. By turning this off we were able to rectify the issue.

To get to this setting, you can go into your Windows Region settings, then select Additional date, time & regional settings>Region>Administrative Tab>Change system locale…>then uncheck Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support.

Once you have disabled this setting you should be able to save a new drawing and open it again within Inventor.

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