AutoCAD – The Even Quicker than Ctrl Z Undo

AutoCAD – The Even Quicker than Ctrl Z Undo

Have you ever made a mistake in AutoCAD that you want to undo, I know I have. Thankfully we have the undo button for that, but what if I’m too lazy to click the undo button?

Well that’s simple, most of us use the keyboard shortcut standard to Microsoft Window computers. That short cut is Ctrl Z.

But what if im so lazy that pressing Ctrl Z on my keyboard at the same time still seems like too much work for me?

The Even Quicker than Ctrl Z Undo

Well Autocad has an answer to this issue, we use the “U” command.
“U” is the single letter command for undo, typing “U” and pressing enter is pretty much as short a command as you are ever going to get in AutoCAD.

Now when you make a mistake in AutoCAD don’t use the long winded ways of clicking a button or holding two keys down at the same time, use “U”.

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