Illustrated Guide to Weldments in Inventor

In line with Autodesk’s paradigm of having the model as the ‘source of truth’, it is possible to specify welding detail within an Inventor model. This is fantastically useful as it is also then possible to pull this information onto a 2D drawing. In this illustrated guide, we will explore the processes of converting an assembly into a weldment, defining welding details, and pulling this information onto a 2D drawing.

Step 1: Converting an Assembly into a Weldment

Step 2: Creating Welds and Specifying Weld Symbols
Part 2A: Weld Preparations

Part 2B: Welds and Welding Symbols

Part 2B: Welds and Welding Symbols

Bonus: Weld Calculations

Step 3: Detailing Welds on Drawings


From this guide, you have seen how to define weldments in Inventor, and detail them in drawings. Through an excellent architecture, Autodesk have been successful in keeping the model as the source of truth. If you are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact Man and Machine. Our qualified engineers will have you an expert in all things Inventor in no time!