How to Use a Field to Create an Automated Scale Annotation on a Viewport in AutoCAD

Once you have created a Viewport and set its scale, it is normal to annotate the viewport with its scale and/or use an attribute in the border stating the scale.

Using a field it is possible to automate this process.

First create your drawing, layout and viewport and set it to a suitable scale, in my example it is set and locked to 1:100.

AutoCAD Viewport Scale

On the Insert tab you will see the option to Insert Field.

Insert a Field

Once selected, change the category to objects, select object in the Field names, use the pick icon on the object type to select the viewport geometry, the property is ‘Custom Scale’ and the format is ‘Use Scale Name’.

Setting Field Properties

Click OK and place the field on your page layout near your Viewport. If you right click in an attribute value, you can select ‘Insert Field’ from there and follow the same procedure to use a field as an attribute value.

Insert Custom Scale Annotation Field

If you change the Viewport scale and save the drawing, the Fields will automatically update.

Automated Scale Annotation

In conclusion, you can use Fields to automate the entry of data onto your drawing. Fields can pick data from almost any property within the drawing. Other useful fields are the DWG properties, author and date.

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