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BIM 360 Docs Apps

Some of you out there in the industry may have come across BIM 360 Docs, an Autodesk created Common Data Environment (or CDE). A large part of my role includes setting up and rolling out this platform to large companies so that they can streamline processes and better coordinate project information across multiple sites in different countries. This in itself is tough to manage but what about when you have multiple pieces of software that need connecting together so you can optimize your current workflows and get the most out of the software you have.

BIM 360 Docs allows the integration of third-party apps. I liken it to the iPhone that on its own would actually be pretty useless, it’s the third-party apps that have given the iPhone exponentially more value. This is what BIM 360 Docs is doing (although on its own it’s is a pretty mind blowing piece of kit). Using a platform called Forge ( a cloud based development tool, any company can create Apps to connect into BIM 360 Docs as well as other Autodesk formats. The list of Apps is growing rapidly with some big names and bleeding edge technologies joining the list.

Below are some examples of Apps that can be connected to BIM 360 Docs to allow for a more seamless experience.

EarthCam is an App that will allow a company to connect up a camera and have it live link into BIM 360 Docs on a home page so that project managers can keep track of progress live and in one place. It also allows for the comparison of images to see progression and changes on site. (

BIM 360 Docs and Earthcam

Pointfuse is an App that will Mesh point clouds into surfaces and allow the classification and organisation of surveyed data. This could then be used to clash detect against designs, archive for as built, or an underlay to work on top of. The output can be directly uploaded and viewed onto BIM 360 Docs meaning point clouds can be shared and viewed without specialist software or hardy machines.

There are over 50 integrations now available. For the full list visit and see if you could enhance your current workflow with BIM 360 Docs. For more information contact Man and Machine to discuss your requirements.

BIM 360 Docs and Pointfuse
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