How to Update Tags after Editing the Tag Format in AutoCAD Plant 3D

How do you update existing Plant 3D tags after you edit the format in the project settings?

In this blog I will show exactly how to netload a DLL file which allows you to update the tags after changing the tag format in a P&ID drawing / Plant 3D model.

Simply follow the steps below, provided by Autodesk, then all your tag will be updated with their latest format.

  1. Download PnPTagRebuilder of the right version (attached to this article).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Use command NETLOAD and load the dll-file.
  4. Run the tool.
  • For P&ID drawings: Use command UpdatePIDTagValues.
  • For Plant 3D models: Use command UpdateP3dTagValues.

Note: For each version there is a separate DLL-file to NETLOAD. If the wrong version is loaded, an error can be read in the command line: UNKNOWN COMMAND.

Note: Read the ReadMe-file which is included the attached ZIP-file.

PnPTagRebuilder ZIP File

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