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Autodesk Vault and BIM 360 using Project Sync

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Autodesk Vault Professional has been able to synchronise to cloud based collaboration software for several years using an addon called Project Sync, although historically this was limited to Autodesk Buzzsaw. More recently, Autodesk have redeveloped Project Sync to enable collaboration with their newer cloud based platforms in both Fusion Team and BIM 360 platforms. This …

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BIM 360 Docs App Integrations

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Some of you out there in the industry may have come across BIM 360 Docs, an Autodesk created Common Data Environment (or CDE). A large part of my role includes setting up and rolling out this platform to large companies so that they can streamline processes and better coordinate project information across multiple sites in …

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Sharing Recap Photo Models in the Cloud

To give a quick summary of recap photo (photogrammetry software) you can take photos of an object (up to 1000) from many different angles (the more the better), upload them to recap photo and the software will stitch them together to create a 3D model. This will cost Autodesk credits after you have used your …

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New Levels of Project Communication

I have recently come back from some very exciting BIM 360 training in Germany and thought I’d share a brief overview on the principles of the series of BIM 360 applications from Autodesk. The BIM 360 family is Autodesk’s answer to a more connected, agile and all-encompassing cloud based BIM workflow. Each BIM 360 application …

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