BLK 360 – Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee

I have recently got my hands on the BLK 360 and it has been fantastic to try it out in lots of situations (drainage surveys, settlement surveys, as built, interior design measure ups) it has a plethora of applications. But I want to talk about one of the benefits of the BLK 360 in particular its mobility.

Leica BLK 360 Case

I am back from a full day in London carrying around the BLK 360 on the tube and the occasional dash across the street to skip traffic an impossible thought with other scanners. I have used scanners that when people have asked me to walk across a job site I have audibly groaned. The worst part about a heavy scanner is that the tripod becomes equally as cumbersome to account for the scanners weight. Because the BLK is so light the tripod is equally as light and compact making it easy to take to sites as well as all the other gear you might have.

Below is a break down of what would be in the BLK bag on a scanning day with an impressive total of 4.3KG.

  • BLK 360 – 1kg
  • Tripod – 1 kg
  • 2 charging stations – 100g Each
  • 3 Batteries – 100g Each
  • The bag – 1 kg
  • 12.9 inch iPad pro – 700g
  • Total – 4.3KG

Because of this mobility it makes the actual act of scanning a lot easier, being able to quickly pick the scanner up with one arm tuck in the legs and get in between small spaces, making it easy to place and take scans quickly. Where this might be really important are domestic job sites, someone wants a bespoke fitted high end wardrobe making sure you don’t chip the skirting boards or dent the walls as you scan around.  That being said it could also be used to scan sites as they are being constructed. The high quality camera is great for capturing a 360 panorama of moments in time, add to that the ability to then be able to check measurements to a high accuracy.

Leica BLK 360 Scanner

I am sold on the BLK 360, it might not be as powerful as other beasts out there but its mobility makes it a pleasure to use.

Laser Scan from Leica BLK 360

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