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3ds Max 2022 Release

It’s that time of the year again when the next major release of Autodesk software becomes available to you through your Subscription, with many of the products having their 2022 release date over the next couple of months. 3ds Max 2022 pushes a faster and more secure environment, with a primary focus on efficiency through …

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AutoCAD 2022 What’s New?

AutoCAD 2022 is out now, whether you have a single subscription or have AutoCAD included as part of a collection. AutoCAD 2022 builds on its world class standardised set of specialised tools, giving users a huge productivity boost when following industry specific workflows in comparison to  standard 2D. AutoCAD 2022 contains thousands of standard, intelligent …

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Autodesk Vault and BIM 360 using Project Sync

Vault Solutions Header

Autodesk Vault Professional has been able to synchronise to cloud based collaboration software for several years using an addon called Project Sync, although historically this was limited to Autodesk Buzzsaw. More recently, Autodesk have redeveloped Project Sync to enable collaboration with their newer cloud based platforms in both Fusion Team and BIM 360 platforms. This …

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Advanced Materials in Enscape using Sketchup

Enscape Header

Using Sketchup natively, you only have the ability to add basic materials with a texture map. This is fantastic for getting a good idea of look and feel, but quite limited when it comes to high end renders that need to show textures with a roughness. As you can see from these images, a standard …

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Improved Vault Professional 2020 Add-In for Solidworks

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Using Autodesk Vault Professional with third party CAD and Design tools such as Solidworks has been possible for years, but with the 2020 release, Autodesk have improved this functionality to offer users working in a multi CAD environment that best productivity and collaboration abilities between all of their software workflows. You can access this application …

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Revit INI Configuration Files for Single Users

Revit INI Config Header

Autodesk Revit settings can be customised and rolled out to a large number of machines using a Revit.ini configuration file. Full details of how this can be achieved, and the settings supported by this can be found on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Generally speaking, this is only really useful when you are using deployments …

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New Solibri Licensing Model

Solibri are changing the technology that runs the Solibri Model Checker (SMC) on August 11th 2018. Their intention is to offer better stability and improved security whilst maintaining a good quality of service through this new platform. This new licensing model, over time, will also allow new features such a single sign-on with Active Directory …

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