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Autodesk Licensing – Types, Activation and User Management

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Autodesk licencing can be a confusing thing to explain with the different licensing types, activation methods and user management options. We often get asked what the difference is between the license types, so we decided it was about time we wrote a blog about it. I hope that after reading this you have a better …

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Slow Autodesk Software

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I often get calls from clients who are experiencing a really slow or frozen Autodesk product. While it is common for the software to slow down as the project you are working on gets more detailed, if you do notice a very substantial change in the performance of your software over a short space of …

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Unable to Communicate with the Project Database

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Last week I came onto an issue on AutoCAD Electrical when opening the program we encountered an error “Unable to communicate with the project database”. This error usually refers to AutoCAD being unable to access the database of the project you are using and can be solved by deleting the .mdb file in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD Electrical …

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Inventor CAM Toolpath Needs Regeneration

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“Inventor CAM needs me to generate tool path a second time in order to work”, “Toolpath needs Regeneration”, “Toolpath only works after second generation”. These are some of the things I looked up when we encountered an issue within Inventor CAM where as you guessed it, the tool path would not generate on the first …

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Frame Member Not Inserting into Inventor Assembly

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I recently came across a case where one of our clients was experiencing an issue inserting a frame member into their assembly in Inventor. They had been using the Frame Generator for quite some time but had not experienced like this before. When trying to insert the frame onto their drawing, they selected the lines …

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Using Autodesk Licenses whilst working from Home

With everyone looking at their options for working from home, here are the ways you can get the most out of your Autodesk licenses during this time of self-Isolation and social distancing. The process is quite different for Multi- and Single-user licenses. Multi-User Licenses: With the nature of multi-user licenses clients would need to be …

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