Utilise Inventor Unwrap Tool

Utilise Inventor Unwrap Tool

Sure, we’ve all heard of the Unwrap tool in Autodesk Inventor, but what can we use it for? In this quick blog, we’ll see how we can use it to make a sticker for a complicated shape.

Let’s start with our complex shape…

Complex Shape in Inventor

We’ll perform an unwrap command…

Inventor Unwrap Command
Inventor Unwrap Section

Now, this is a pretty surface, but it’s useless on its own. Next, we’ll export it as a DXF, and convert it to an image. Rick-click the Unwrap feature, and click ‘Export Object’.

Inventor Unwrap Export Object Menu
Save Exported Unwrap

Lastly, we convert the DXF to an image, and superimpose any image we want! This can then be made into a sticker decal for your part.

Convert DXF to Image
Image Overlay on Unwrap
Sticker on Complex Shape

We have fought nature and created something beautiful with Autodesk Inventor.

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