Update to Your Autodesk Buying Process

Update to Your Autodesk Buying Process

Find out everything you need to know about the update to the Autodesk Buying Process. Read below to find out about the key changes, how to prepare for the change and what actions you need to take as a customer.

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In a recent announcement, Autodesk has unveiled changes to its software purchasing model that will mean an update to your buying process here in the UK, across Europe and more widely throughout EMEA.

The change was originally launched last November in Australia and New Zealand (March), with the US and Canada following suit (June), an Autodesk announcement is expected in the near future with the model to launch in the UK 90 days after.

This shift means a direct transactional relationship between customers and Autodesk for software acquisitions, marking a departure from the current method. Man and Machine’s role will be to continue the great service you are currently offered through facilitating quotations, license requests, offering fast, local support and advice as well as continuing to care for your team with all the other solutions and services you currently utilise.

What are the Key Changes?

Direct Purchase from Autodesk

Whilst the exact date hasn’t been confirmed, in the near future, customers will be required to buy Autodesk software directly from Autodesk. Specific products and government agencies will be excluded from this change and will continue to use the current model.

Maintained Partnership

Man and Machine will continue to serve as a crucial partner for customers. Your purchasing process will remain unchanged apart from the final step, with an order being placed on Autodesk. Support, training, quote requests and all of the other day to day aspects will remain as before and be handled by the Man and Machine team. 

Quoting and Configuration

Man and Machine will configure the appropriate quotation for customers based on Autodesk’s pricing and the best option for the customer. You will receive the quotation from Autodesk via email, and the order will be placed directly with Autodesk after approval.

Payment Process

The payment transaction will no longer be handled by Man and Machine. Customers will pay this directly to Autodesk. Payments will be made via card, bank transfer or via 30 day payment terms should you qualify.

Setting Up Autodesk as a Vendor: To streamline the invoicing process, customers are advised to set up Autodesk as a vendor in their procurement systems. Man and Machine can assist in this process. At the end of this page you will be able to find all the information you need on How to Set up Autodesk as a Vendor in Your Procurement System.

Payment Methods: Autodesk accepts various payment methods, including:

What Should you Consider?

Consistent Pricing

Customers can expect a consistent price for Autodesk software, set by Autodesk. Man and Machine will receive payment from Autodesk for facilitating the transaction and assisting our clients.

Support Continuity

Man and Machine commits to continuing to manage customers accounts at no additional cost, maintaining the level of service we have provided throughout our partnership.

Action Plan for Customers


Phase 1:

1. Work with your account manager in order to set up Autodesk as a vendor. Of course, we will sell you new licenses if you need to buy new ones. Until the change, you can still buy Autodesk software from us the old-fashioned way.
2. Wait for the announcement to be made and with the exact date being finalised.


Phase 2:
Lead up to Switch Date

– If you have a renewal coming up between now and the switch date, you will renew as standard.
– If you have a renewal between the switch date and 90 days after, may elect to renew it before the change date using the current process and current prices.
– Finally, if you have a renewal more than 90 days after the switch date, please contact your account manager as we can help using the current process and current pricing.
– In all cases, we will suggest that you buy or renew for 3 years instead of only 1, not just to lock in the price but also to lock in the process.


Phase 3:
Post Switch Date

– All purchases (excluding exceptions) will be made by requesting quotation from Man and Machine and delivered through new process.
– Work with Man and Machine to train, support and help run account day to day.  

Where Do I Go For Support?

Man and Machine is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for customers during this shift in the Autodesk software purchasing model.

What Happens Next?

To ensure a seamless transaction, it is important to set up Autodesk as a vendor as part of your purchasing process. You can find all the information required to do this, on this form. Please note that each company may have different requirements, so we recommend consulting with your procurement department to determine the specific information needed. You can find frequently requested information below, but if you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.