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As a leading solutions provider to the manufacturing industry, Man and Machine offer you a complete software, hardware and services portfolio designed to meet your needs. The manufacturing industry is constantly having to adapt to change, driven by skill shortages, rising incomes, environmental standards, the green agenda, emerging economies, technological progress and demographic and lifestyle change. More recently the arrival of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for manufacturing has also impacted your industry. These drivers present both challenge and opportunity: our Manufacturing Solutions are here to help.

If you are agile enough to respond to these changes, you can often emerge stronger. Re-scaling your manufacturing capacity, flexing your workforce and managing SGA costs are key attributes of successful manufacturers. However, so is innovation in research and development, getting closer to your customers and the acquisition of new customers and markets. Automating the design, prototyping, production and support process, is core to the solution set we offer using products like customX, HSM, hyperMILL and Inventor i-logic. You are able to have solutions that automatically create BOMs, build 3D models through simple web-based customer inputs and even automatically generate CNC code to drive your machines.

Using our 2D/3D modelling, visualisation and animation, simulation, digital prototyping and sophisticated data management solutions can all help you deliver better designs, increase your customer revenues, improve your production efficiency and support your entire product lifecycle

  • Manufacturing Assessments
  • Products configurators built on platforms such as customX and Autodesk Configurator 360
  • Automatic generation of 3D models and sales quotes
  • System creation of production drawings and maintenance documents
  • Integrated and hosted CAD/CAM platforms that automatically generate CNC code

Product Configurators are excellent ways to approach automating your design-to-production workflows. Through the use of simple web-based interfaces, you are able to  create 3D models parametrically, create user and operational manuals, extract BOMs and have real-time pricing. You can even go as far as having your CNC codes generated automatically from the simple web-based inputs.

Using products from Autodesk such as HSMWorks, Inventor for HSM, Fusion 360 and hyperMILL from Openmind we can provide you a completely tailored solution to your 2.5D, 3D, 3+2 and 5-axis CNC needs.

Power Transmission with Inventor Design Accelerator

Fusion 360 Freeform Modelling

Man and Machine HSM Webinar

Simulation & Testing with Fusion 360

Titan Machine Cool Gear with Inventor HSM

Manufacturing Products

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And if you don’t know what Netfabb® is, it’s an additive manufacturing software with tools that help streamline your additive workflow and quickly get from a 3D model to successfully printed parts. Click on the icon to check it out!