Enscape 2.7 New Features

Enscape have just released a major update, Enscape 2.7 is now avaiable to download but what makes this update so special?

Usually when Enscape releases an update I talk about the new enhanced graphics, better performance and the latest detailed assets added for you to use in your projects. And Enscape doesn’t disappoint on this front as we have all that but what makes this update special is Enscape has now taken the high jump into the world of BIM data.

BIM Mode

Enscape 2.7 add the new BIM mode function, BIM mode allows us to access any property for any element live in the 3D render.
Walking around my project I can now click on a door and find out what material it is made out of, I can click on a wall to see what layers it has and I can even click on the kettle to see what wattage it is.
With the new BIM mode I can view the properties of every individual element in my project, or with nothing selected I can see a list of every element in the project broken down to their types and quantities.
Not only is Enscape an amazing 3D rendering application but it is now also a powerful BIM application.

Orthographic Views

Enscape 2.7 also see’s the introduction of Orthographic views.
This new feature allows us to communicate the grandeur and scale of a project. Using a flat perspective view I can easily create eye pleasing floor plans and sections.
Enscape now takes the standard and adds a whole new level of professionalism and realism to any project.

New Assets

As standard with most Enscape updates we see the inclusion of yet more highly detailed assets for us to use on our projects.
Enscape 2.7 adds over 250 new assets, with two new categories for Lamps and Construction as requested by the community.
And with the new collection of Surrounding Buildings, placing our projects in a pre-made urban environment has never looked so good.

Additional Features

Enscape continues to give us great new feature and improved existing features.
Other new features included in Enscape include:

Batch Rendering: Render all views, all favorite views or a custom selection of views to images in a single action.
Reproducible Renderings: Reproduce renders based on your present settings, allowing you to easily create visuals with the same look and feel time after time.
Improved clouds and atmospheric effects, including improved fog realism.
Improved area lights (spheres, lines and rectangles).
Improved shading of partially transparent (via cutout texture) surfaces, such as curtains.

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