CoolOrange – Automated Publishing Webinar

Thursday 14th October, 10am

Don’t Repeat, Automate!

Are you still generating PDF files manually? Have you ever thought how much time you spend generating PDF files of new drawings and design changes in a month? Sign up to our free 20-minute free webinar on Thursday 14th October at 10am. We will be discussing the advantages of automated publishing, delve into the main use cases where it can help improve your process efficiency, and give you a preview of powerJobs; the best-in-class Vault Job processor extension for Autodesk Vault customers providing ready-to-use jobs for publishing and easy customization options to meet your specific requirements.

By automating file publishing, you may increase your design throughput by up to 25% while also improving file quality and process efficiency.

Knocking manual publishing off your list would also mean sparing precious time, with an impressive cost benefit derived from devoting your saved work hours to higher-value tasks.

Check out the below recordings from last years ‘The Future of Manufacturing’ event or click here to see all of our previous events recorded content.