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Inventor 2023 Default Template

With the release of Autodesk Inventor 2023, we have a clean new home screen which looks great. Unfortunately, this means we have lost some buttons, one of the victims is the little cog which sets your default templates. In all fairness, once you have set this you don’t need to change it too frequently.   …

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Importing Revit 2022 File into Inventor 2022 Error Message

Revit Home Screen Header

“0x8013150d: C\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Revit Interoperability 2022\Rx\ATFRevitRCEHost.exe” when opening or exporting Revit RVT file in Inventor 2022 Error Message: There has been reports that when trying to open or export a Revit RVT file in Inventor 2022, the following error message occurs: When opening an .RVT file:  0x8013150d: C\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Revit Interoperability 2022\Rx\ATFRevitRCEHost.exe When exporting an …

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How to Export an RVT file from Autodesk Inventor

In Inventor 2022, Autodesk have introduced the ability to export Revit Project Files (RVT) directly from the Autodesk Inventor interface, further enhancing the collaboration possibilities between the manufacturing and construction industries and their retrospective products. The new functionality can be found inside the Simplify command in Inventor 2022, and comes with several useful options which …

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Import Revit Model into Inventor

How to import a Revit model into Inventor whilst maintaining the model structure? Using the latest versions of Revit and Inventor we can directly open a Revit project in Inventor whilst keeping the model structure and relationship intact. Starting with an Inventor assembly file open in Inventor, select the import CAD Files command from the …

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Exporting from Autodesk Inventor to Plant 3D

How to export an Inventor model giving it maximum functionality within Plant 3D Introduction Autodesk Inventor is a great tool for any mechanical design project and with the Tube and Pipe environment it is also very good at doing small plant skids and plant rooms. For large scale plant factories and the like, it is …

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Inventor CAM Tab Missing

Inventor CAM Training Header

If you have just installed a new version of Inventor, or perhaps you have installed Inventor CAM and found that the add in is missing. This can be caused by a few different factors, and in this blog, I would like to take you through a few tips to resolve this. The first reason may …

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Inventor to Vault Revision Sync

Are you wanting to have Vault control your revisions, but are worried about the manual process of moving all your files over various revisions? This workflow will assist you in the transition and save you some time in adjusting all your parts revisions too. You will first need to allow Vault to see your files …

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Inventor to 3ds Max and Arnold

The likelihood is that if you are reading this blog, you have an Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing collection and would like to understand how to get a quick render out of 3ds Max using your Inventor data and the Arnold render engine. Whilst 3ds Max is an intensive and in depth application, good results …

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