BIM 360 Design Work Sharing

BIM 360 Design Work Sharing

Step by Step

Revit Work Sharing Model BIM 360

Decide you want to make the model a work-sharing model. Manage > Collaborate. Only Revit versions 2018.3 and later will connect with Docs via Collaboration (in the view above I am using 2018.3 which includes the option to workshare via BIM 360 teams which is now discontinued and BIM 360 Docs).

Revit Collaborate Using Cloud

Choose the location of the model (ensure you do not choose the project files area inside Docs, the plans area will not work with worksharing however it is an option).

Initiating Cloud Collaboration

Once this is complete the model is uploaded those that have the correct permissions can start work on the model. The desktop connector makes opening the file easy for everyone (a link can be found here This will allow you to access your files you have permission to via windows explorer shown below).

BIM 360 Docs Windows Explorer

Desktop connector allows similar functionality to Dropbox via access to files from windows explorer.

Cloud Projects

When opening from recently opened cloud stored projects will show a cloud in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.

Publish Views and Sheets in Sets

When synchronising to the cloud the views and sheets must be placed into sets. This will dictate how views and sheets are shared with the wider project team in Docs.

BIM 360 Manage Cloud Models

If new sets need to be published to the cloud, manage cloud models can be used to check if the latest version is available on Docs.

This is a quick guide to setting up a work sharing model via Bim 360 Docs. Please note that Bim 360 design is a module unto itself, if you purchase a subscription to BIM 360 design you will get a licence to BIM 360 Docs but if you only buy BIM 360 docs you will not have access to work sharing via BIM 360 Docs.

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